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  • Quality of possessing a certain number of civil and political rights provided for nationals of a given State. Also refered to as "nationality". "Citizenship" describes a status which can be acquired and has almost exclusively a political designation of one's link to a country. "Nationality" has in addition an ethnological-sociological connotation and conveys a sense of belonging to a "nation" - i.e. a group of people with a common history, tradition, ancestry, culture, usually speaking the same language, and living within the bounds of their ancestral territory -and may, where a "nation" becomes synonymous to a State, acquire the meaning of "citizenship". "Nationality", when used as a synonym to "national origin" or "ethnic origin" (and, to a certain extent, "ancestry" or "place of origin"), may remain a characteristic of a person regardless of his/her legal tie with a country.
  • La qualité qui accorde un certain nombre de droits civils et politiques aux ressortissants d'un État particulier. Souvent remplacé par le terme : «nationalité» -- état d'une personne qui est membre d'une nation déterminée. Par la «nation» on entend un groupe de personnes unies

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  • Usado para Nationals
  • Usado para Ressortissants

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