Discrimination in non-profit organizations



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  • Some organizations which do not operate for private profit are exempt from observing the provisions of the anti-discriminatory legislation. For instance, "The rights ...to equal treatment with respect to services and facilities, with or without accommodation, is not infringed where membership or participation in a religious, philanthropic, educational, fraternal or social institution or organization that is primarily engaged in serving the interests of person identified by a prohibited ground of discrimination is restricted to persons who are similarly identified." In Quebec, a distinction or preference required for an employment is justified in the case of "charitable, philanthropic, religious, political or educational nature of a non-profit institution or of an institution devoted exclusively to the well-being of an ethnic group"
  • Certains textes législatifs stipulent que le fait qu'un organisme ou un groupement religieux, philanthropique, éducatif, de secours mutuel ou social dont le principal objectif est de servir les Intérêts de personnes identifiées par un motif illicite de discrimination, n'accepte que des personnes ainsi identifiées comme membres ou participants ne constitue pas une atteinte aux droits à un traitement égal en matière de services et d'installations, avec ou sans logement.

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Discrimination in non-profit organizations

Discrimination in non-profit organizations

Equivalent terms

Discrimination in non-profit organizations

  • UF Discrimination in private organizations
  • UF Discrimination in special interest organizations
  • UF Discrimination dans le domaine des groupements spéciaux

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